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Our Story

Not waiting for the world to change . . .

An “Edge Economy” Platform

NEW EDGE is pioneering a new age in advancing the manufacture of furniture to the edge of its purchase transaction.

Distinctive, functional designs, high grade quality, custom personalization to need and rapid turnaround with manufacturing fulfilment that is local to the customers neighborhood or as a B2B service.

Our extensive knowhow is codified into a scalable cloud to edge digital manufacturing platform, to thoughtfully reshape furniture manufacture and retail.

A Global Industry Reset

New Edge epitomizes the start of an industry reset. We significantly reduce, if not entirely eliminate, the need for physical inventory of our furniture. By empowering one to one manufacturing fulfillment into each customer’s neighborhood, we dismantle large chunks of the furniture distribution and retail value chain across regions, countries and continents.

Our reset effectively decouples the multiple layers comprising two thirds of the embedded non manufacturing costs within each dollar of the furniture retail price and redistributes it to our customers and our ecosystem. Not only does this advance make & buy local and help revitalize each customers local neighborhood economy but is also healthier and more sustainable for our planet. It just makes plain sense and we believe, gives a new edge to our industry 4.0 ecosystem.

Design and Technology

Our entire furniture range reflects these ethos. Featuring local, responsibly harvested, sustainably sourced, quality plywood as the basic raw material rather than the more commonly used lower quality engineered particle board or MDF. Each product is digital twin optimized for error free local manufacture of high quality, with a minimal carbon footprint, flat packed for efficient delivery. Our focus on clever design with a purpose also includes collections with easy assembly and disassembly for a long service life.

Each item originates from our design library, curated for collections of eye catching distinctiveness in form, function and fit. Each curated design represents our approach from like-minded designers across the world. When we add a new product or collection to our range, we know it is thoughtfully designed, easy to assemble, looks great and customers can count on us to include, at no extra charge, custom personalization for a fit exact for their space or to their need.

A Global Distributed 'Neighborhood Manufacturing' Ecosystem

Designed with transparency to sustain mission alignment, each ‘edge’ is a partner facility within our globally dispersed 2ULFAB ecosystem. It is managed by a carefully vetted local entrepreneur, owner-operator. Each partner location hosts a suite of complementary, fabrication equipment that seamlessly integrate into 2ULFAB, our cloud converged digital twin manufacturing platform.

To enable partners to focus on manufacturing quality, fulfillment and profitable operations, our 24/7 Global Capability Center backstops our ecosystem on all other New Edge Furniture business aspects, including product design, engineering, development, marketing, sales, finance, tech support and customer service.

If you already work in a digital fabrication environment (or would like to) and our vision and mission inspire you, contact us to explore how an ‘edge’ ecosystem affiliation could help accelerate your business growth.

Quality and Service Differentiate Us

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