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Customize Your Furnishing To Your

Customization is core to our value proposition for you. We don’t charge you extra for modifying any of our designs to make an item tailor made for your need, space, style or taste. To put your mind at complete ease, our human touch includes having our craftsmen available to consult with you before and during the creation of your furnishing.

Our team of wood connoisseurs have decades of experience crafting custom-made products – from Standing Shelves to Bedroom Closets to Kitchen Cabinets. They can customize any of our designs (or yours) to incorporate your requirements – material, engraving, inlay, finish or other personalization and create exactly what you want.

Step 1: Select a Product Design

Select a design or style that best matches the piece of furniture you want or have in mind. Make sure to check out our customer favorites.

Step 2: Customize Dimensions

Specify dimensions to customize your furniture. Our base price includes free Fit2Need and Fit2Use modification of any product design in our shop for an exact fit for your need or space.

Message or contact us for custom dimensions you need for any product in our shop for Cee Cee to confirm prior to placing any order.

Step 3: Choose Your Material

Choose among the wood options for your item. All woods we use are sustainably sourced and locally harvested. The default prices shown for all furniture in our shop are for that item in natural basic plywood.

Step 4: Personalize to your desired finish

If a natural wood finish is not what you’re looking for you can personalize with your choice of color. We recommend a stain in any color of your choice followed by a protective clear coat rather than paint. (With a paint the natural grain of the wood will not show through but with a stain it will). So if you don’t want natural, a stain with a clear coat would be the way to go.

Need Some Help with This? Our advisors will happily provide you with tips and advice to ensure you select the right finish. Don’t be shy. We love working with our customers to ensure they get what they want especially for your shelves and storage solutions.

Have Something Else on Mind? If you prefer unfinished furniture, require a finishing which isn’t available on the product page or would like to supply your own finish, contact us. We may be able to accommodate your preferences.

Step 5: Specify Additional Customizations

Want to customize additional aspects, can’t find or don’t see what you’re looking for?
A picture is worth a thousand words, so a rough sketch from you will start the creation of a custom piece of furniture that will distinctively enhance your home, work or play space.

Please make sure your drawing includes the following:

  • Preferred width, height and depth (in centimeters)
  • Choice of material (among the types of wood we offer)
  • Choice of finish including for color, protection, edge-banding, engraving or inlay
  • Any specific design requirements

Our design and manufacturing specialists are well versed in bringing ideas to life as a product we make just for you. Some of the in-depth customizations we offer include:

  • Two-tone wood combinations
  • Different drawer configurations
  • Custom knobs and drawer pulls
  • Different storage unit legs

Contact us and request a quote for a ‘complete custom’ piece of furniture.

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We will carefully consider and apply your choices, and will let you know as soon as possible the price, time and other aspects of your personally designed custom furniture